Tuesday, December 09, 2008

These Boots Were Made For Muckin'

Here ya go Lisa ~

These are the boots I wear the most right now. When it's really moist.

In the sun.

My trusty closed toe crocs, this is what I use in the dryer times.

These are my fav. I lurve orange! I only use these in the summer for a quick trip out to the coop.

*and yes those are comfy house pants. ;0)


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Thanks Mim. You've got quite an array like me. Your 'moister' boots are seriously tough. I'm diggin them. What brand are they? I may have to add another muck boot pair to my arsenal.

And I like your closed-toe croc muck shoes, too. Wherever did you find them? Seems all I could find for slip-on muck shoes was my 'fart shoes' from Target, which just so happen to be nursing shoes. (Can you even imagine a nurse 'farting' down the aisle pushing wheelchairs? lol!)

And my favorite color is orange, too. I LOVE my orange flower boots! And now I know why you liked them, too. Orange is such a happy color, isn't it. Who can be glum while scooping poo when they're wearing a cheery orange? :)

So, please pick up your muck boot sticker, whicever one you like best. Thanks bunches for participating :)

New Mexico

Gail said...

Interesting collection! The pair of crocks I use have so many thorns in the bottom, I am going to operate soon.

frugalmom said...

I remember those boots. And all those "ugly" crocs, too. Especially the orange ones!

Mim said...

Lisa: Well, I'm a woman that likes choices. Those are Northerners. I think our local farm store carries them. I found mine at a yard sale. :0) Hmmm,I've had those crocs long enough I don't remember where I got them. Target had some solid orange with just a little yellow, size 6, booooo!

Gail: Yeah I have a pair of Mary Jane Crocs that got sharp piece of wood in them. Every once in a while I find it, OUCH!

Marcee: You are never going to let me live it down are you? You know there have been things you didn't like that I changed your mind on. Do I need to say Guacamole!