Thursday, December 01, 2005

A boy and his dog, it's a beautiful thing. She looks so innocent until you realize she's chewing on his scarf.

A lego genius, perhaps. Although I'm still wondering why he looked at all those bricks and saw a nurse.

Chris is trying to find a pair of RX safety glasses for work. I thought the blue ones made him look like a superhero. The boys couldn't resist trying them on to see if they had special powers.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Alien dog, werepup, you decide......

I took this picture a few nights ago in our garage. I'm still a little freaked by how it turned out.

Monday, November 21, 2005

My Girl.....

Isn't she lovely. She's supposed to be the boys dog and she is. But she's also mine. I'm the one who does the bulk of the caregiving. If I'm outside she's right there longing to lean up against me and get some scratching. I don't know what I'm going to do when she gets bigger. She's going to knock me over. It's kind of funny because I have never really liked large dogs. They always scared me. But I'm smitten with her.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Oh, exercise, sweet exercise how I despise you. And yet you lift me up and help to make me whole again. Thirty minutes in the AM and it's like the winds of changed rushed in and blew the blues away. I had already decided to get on the elliptical and my dear Hubby asked, cautiously, are you going to go for a walk or anything today? He knows that exercise helps lift my mood. He knows that it's hard for me to fit it into my day. But he was brave and asked, some other time I might not have responded as well as I did today. It helped seal the deal so to speak. I knew I should and I did. Yay for me!

Monday, November 07, 2005

The Blues.....

So, I've been fighting them for weeks now. The blues are lurking in my peripheral vision, threatening to come over for a visit. It happens three, maybe four times a year. Sometimes worse than others, always swept out of the door with me just getting up and doing stuff that has to be done. But when you are depressed you don't want to get up and do that stuff. It takes everything for me to get up and do a load of laundry. People who don't suffer from it don't/can't understand. It consumes you entirely. I always manage to function for the boys but that's all I'm doing. I'm not myself, I can't wait for alone time, I want to sleep or just sit in front of the T.V. Of course, I can only do those things when the boys are at school or napping or in bed for the night. I guess I don't have it as bad as some do. That's something to be thankful for. And, so far, this time I'm managing to not fall into the Abyss.

Halloween 2005

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Halloweens past....

This was Halloween 2004. Parker was determined to be a video game character. We wanted Gabe to be a mushroom but he refused. He was a Cowboy Butterfly.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Kids Sports.........

What makes parents at sporting events scream and holler like they are the coaches? Or like crazed lunatics. Last night at the soccer game, some "Dad" is screaming at these kids. It's like sidelines "road rage". I'm thinking, this is not a school game it's through the Lion's Club for goodness sake. These kids are supposed to be playing for fun. And yet he's relentless. Fortunately there was no cursing. But it seemed like one or two more bad plays by his team and I would have had to get up and mention to him that there were preschoolers there. Let them be kids, let them have fun. Why put so much pressure on them to WIN, why not just let them play the game and do there best and play for the joy of playing. Can you tell I don't like competion?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


So, we decided to do an all boy sleepover this weekend. Just 24 hours. It seemed so simple. All in all it was not horrible. But I did learn things about my oldest son that I knew nothing about. 1, He seems to be the leader of the crew. 2, He is a pretty good mediator. 3, Boys like to talk about gross stuff... like flatulence, vomit, cutting off body parts. What's up with that? And all of this done at the dinner table. Hmmmm? I also learned that even numbers does not necessarily make the party go more smoothly. Someone will inevitably not want to do what everyone else is doing.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Rough Mornings.....

First post in almost a month. I had a rough morning. Mondays and Wednesdays are rough since moving to the country. I have 3, count them 3 trips into town. First, I take the big boys to school at 8AM and then come back home. Second, I take little boy in for speech and preschool and then I come back home. Third, I come in to town to pick up all four of them from school. It sucks, I feel like Mom Taxi, at your service.

This AM, I say, sure go outside and play before school. It hasn't rained all week surely the mud is more like dirt today. WRONG!!! I rush outside to take them to school only to discover that the two oldest boys have mud caked shoes. So bad that I have to make mine change his shoes. And I am pissed! Did you not notice the mud P.....? Sorry, Mom:-( And I find myself throwing a temper tantrum. And feeling horrible after. Now I'm obsessing that because of the "rough morning" the boys are going to have a bad day at school. But deep down I know that they have already shaken it off and are merrily going about there day.

My internal check is going, hmmm? PMS. I haven't been taking my vitamins religiously. Perhaps I should make more of an effort before crazy, raging woman shows her ugly face. I hate PMS. Men think we use it as an excuse. Unless of course they are on the receiving end of crazy, raging woman. Then if they are smart they very carefully ask, Have you been taking your vitamins? NO! GRRR! I need to I know. I will.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Moving Day is upon us

It’s here, well almost. Tomorrow is the official beginning of moving day. But I’ve been here all week packing the boxes. Moving sucks! No, the actual physical act of moving sucks. I’m looking forward to the new house. It’s the getting into it that I’m not so looking forward too. I’m actually less stressed today than I have been all week. I still have a lot to do. So, you won’t be hearing from me for 4-7 days. And then, I shudder to say it, we will have ‘sob’ dial-up. No more fast Internet, no more instant access. Wish us luck with the move.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Do they sell dead worms at Wal-mart?

The things kids say.  Today we are in Wal-mart getting ready to checkout.  I’m busy putting stuff up on the belt trying to hurry, it’s lunchtime, I have a headache, etc.  and  #2 son says: “Mom do people eat dead worms?”  What did he just say?  
Me: “ What G…?”  
He revises, “Does Wal-mart sell dead worms?”  And I’m thinking what did he see, something to fish with?  
Me: “ What are you talking about G…?”  
He says: “you know dead worms, does Wal-mart sell them for people to eat?”  
Me: “Where did you see the worms G…?”  I’m checking everywhere trying to figure out what this kid is talking about.  
G says: “Right here in this lady’s cart.”  I turn to see a white Styrofoam container with, you guessed it, Ground Chuck in it.  
Me: “Oh, that’s not worms, that’s hamburger.”  
G…:  “Why does it look like worms?”  
Me:  “Well, when they grind it up it comes out in a little squiggly noodle type shape.”
G…: “But why do they make it look like worms?”
Me:  “ Well, they aren’t trying to make it look like worms, it just kind of does.”
G… : “That’s gross!”
Yip, that pretty much sums up hamburger.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Yes, I know. It's been how long, I'm supposed to do this everyday. Sorry, the house got in the way. It is simply amazing how much goes into building a home. There is simply not enough time to get everything done.

Yesterday I finished the garage. It is now a beautiful orange and blue striped masterpiece. My husband is as happy as the day he came home to the last house and found his domain(the garage) painted the same. We are close to moving in. Friday or Saturday we will start moving. I'm anxious and yet unmotivated. This will actually be the 8th time we've moved in our married life. So, you can understand the lack of motivation.
This is the 5th home we've owned. And hopefully the last.

I was cleaning in the "new" house last night and thinking this house is definitely bigger than the last house. I can tell by how sore my arm gets using my Hoover. Hmm, child labor is starting to sound pretty good.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hair cut today, no color. My brother asked me last night why I needed to get a trim. My hair was already so short. I wanted to yell, Hey, it's my hair. It's been short for how many years now? I happen to like it short. I feel like "me" when it's short. I start to lose myself when I let it grow. Why is that?

The house is almost done. I thought all the painting was done, I forgot about the garage. Ugh!

#2 son was extremely talkative this AM. As in, my head is going to explode if he doesn't shut it soon. I find myself on days like this tuning him out and saying yeah, a lot. I always know when I'm not paying attention because he says "really? I can" and I know right then that I have said yes to something I shouldn't have. And suddenly I'm extremely focused on him.

#1 son is enjoying school and doing well, as usual. I wonder if it will ever be difficult for him. I worry that he will sail through until college, and then, bam, suddenly he won't be able to do it. It will shake him to the core and change him. The things mothers worry about. Or maybe just this mother.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My first post, this is new for me. Someone recently suggested I write something down everyday about my life. Sounds good. Today it rained. A Lot! I should be thankful, we need it and yet I still have the thought why didn't we get it this summer when we needed it more? Not today, it got in the way of my plans. No playing with the new puppy outside today. Too wet. No recess for my son at school. Too wet. Beg for it and then complain when I get it. I need to be more positive.