Friday, September 09, 2005

Moving Day is upon us

It’s here, well almost. Tomorrow is the official beginning of moving day. But I’ve been here all week packing the boxes. Moving sucks! No, the actual physical act of moving sucks. I’m looking forward to the new house. It’s the getting into it that I’m not so looking forward too. I’m actually less stressed today than I have been all week. I still have a lot to do. So, you won’t be hearing from me for 4-7 days. And then, I shudder to say it, we will have ‘sob’ dial-up. No more fast Internet, no more instant access. Wish us luck with the move.


gnightgirl said...

NO broadband internet? Who can be expected live under such conditions?

I say put a "FOR SALE" sign up on that house and get OUT as fast as you can!!! day at a time, when there's this much work ahead of you. Good luck & cool weather!

mandyhunor75497782 said...

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Ilaiy said...

No mail ... that would drive me insane .. cannot stay without typing "" ..