Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Hives Of July

Soooo, G broke out in hives Thursday. Out of the blue, completely covered in them.

Hmmm, what brought this on I thought? No new foods, no new soaps or detergents. Hmmm, he wasn't feeling good on Sunday, but no fever and that was four days before.

Dr. said, pretty sure it's viral. And it's quite impressive G. Textbook for severe case. Big, huge smile from G on that one.

These are pictures after I took him to the Dr. and he's been on a steroid and antihistamine for 24 hrs. You should have seen him before that.

If you look closely you will see peanut butter at the corners of his mouth. Usually there is something there. lol

On his ears, eyelids, etc

This looks soooo much better than it did. His belly and chest area was one big red mass yesterday.

The back looks better too believe it or not.

Itchy, itchy.

Looks like some kind of disease, doesn't it?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Chick Update

The babies have, so far, acclimated well into the flock. All though I would say they are still on the fringe. They come out of the coop into the yard later in the day, never early, and if they have full run of the coop, they are everywhere, checking everything out. However, if the big birds are in the coop they pretty much stay in their safety cage, only coming out after everyone has roosted.

This is where I found them yesterday. All the other chickens were out in the yard. See that one on the far left, yeah, pretty sure that's a roo.

All though, in this picture he sure looks like a Dolly!