Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hair cut today, no color. My brother asked me last night why I needed to get a trim. My hair was already so short. I wanted to yell, Hey, it's my hair. It's been short for how many years now? I happen to like it short. I feel like "me" when it's short. I start to lose myself when I let it grow. Why is that?

The house is almost done. I thought all the painting was done, I forgot about the garage. Ugh!

#2 son was extremely talkative this AM. As in, my head is going to explode if he doesn't shut it soon. I find myself on days like this tuning him out and saying yeah, a lot. I always know when I'm not paying attention because he says "really? I can" and I know right then that I have said yes to something I shouldn't have. And suddenly I'm extremely focused on him.

#1 son is enjoying school and doing well, as usual. I wonder if it will ever be difficult for him. I worry that he will sail through until college, and then, bam, suddenly he won't be able to do it. It will shake him to the core and change him. The things mothers worry about. Or maybe just this mother.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My first post, this is new for me. Someone recently suggested I write something down everyday about my life. Sounds good. Today it rained. A Lot! I should be thankful, we need it and yet I still have the thought why didn't we get it this summer when we needed it more? Not today, it got in the way of my plans. No playing with the new puppy outside today. Too wet. No recess for my son at school. Too wet. Beg for it and then complain when I get it. I need to be more positive.