Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Hives Of July

Soooo, G broke out in hives Thursday. Out of the blue, completely covered in them.

Hmmm, what brought this on I thought? No new foods, no new soaps or detergents. Hmmm, he wasn't feeling good on Sunday, but no fever and that was four days before.

Dr. said, pretty sure it's viral. And it's quite impressive G. Textbook for severe case. Big, huge smile from G on that one.

These are pictures after I took him to the Dr. and he's been on a steroid and antihistamine for 24 hrs. You should have seen him before that.

If you look closely you will see peanut butter at the corners of his mouth. Usually there is something there. lol

On his ears, eyelids, etc

This looks soooo much better than it did. His belly and chest area was one big red mass yesterday.

The back looks better too believe it or not.

Itchy, itchy.

Looks like some kind of disease, doesn't it?


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh my gosh, the poor boy!! When the doctor says "it's viral", what does that mean? If it's not an allergic reaction to something, what the heck is it? Please tell G. I hope he feels better really SOON!! :-)

dina said...

Lord have mercy! We went through this about a month ago, too! My Poor William ended up in the ER because his asthma started escalating shortly thereafter. He ended up on steroids and big guns antihistimines, too.

The kicker? It took nearly TWO WHOLE STINKING WEEKS for it to completely resolve.


Things that helped, tho...

Cool baths with baking soda poured in.

Popsicles - well, they always make him feel happy, even tho he's almost 13!

Keeping a steady stream of Benadryl going into him.

Keeping your G in my prayers!!! Doesn't it just kill your Mama's heart?

Naisy said...

Holy cow!!

That looks horrible.... is he feeling better now?

Gail said...

I am sure he was miserable. Hope he is feeling much better.

Mim said...

Danni: Basically he's had a virus and it's caused the hives. I will let him know. :)

Dina: Yes the Dr. said it could stick around a while. Last night and this AM he's itchier than he had been. That's the worst part for him I think.

Nee: He's still itchy.

Gail: He was and if we can get the itching under control I'm sure he'll feel even better.

warren said...

Holy Moley! Are you satisfied with the treatment? I mean, is it better yet? That would about kill me seeing my kid all messed up like that...the peanut butter I mean...mine never have peanut butter like that! Just kidding...but wow! What an infection...I hope all is well!

Mim said...

Warren: He is all cleared up. The Dr. said it could flare up again though. So, we are on the look out. And he's a boy! He's always got something on him somewhere. Isn't that the way it should be? LOL