Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Do they sell dead worms at Wal-mart?

The things kids say.  Today we are in Wal-mart getting ready to checkout.  I’m busy putting stuff up on the belt trying to hurry, it’s lunchtime, I have a headache, etc.  and  #2 son says: “Mom do people eat dead worms?”  What did he just say?  
Me: “ What G…?”  
He revises, “Does Wal-mart sell dead worms?”  And I’m thinking what did he see, something to fish with?  
Me: “ What are you talking about G…?”  
He says: “you know dead worms, does Wal-mart sell them for people to eat?”  
Me: “Where did you see the worms G…?”  I’m checking everywhere trying to figure out what this kid is talking about.  
G says: “Right here in this lady’s cart.”  I turn to see a white Styrofoam container with, you guessed it, Ground Chuck in it.  
Me: “Oh, that’s not worms, that’s hamburger.”  
G…:  “Why does it look like worms?”  
Me:  “Well, when they grind it up it comes out in a little squiggly noodle type shape.”
G…: “But why do they make it look like worms?”
Me:  “ Well, they aren’t trying to make it look like worms, it just kind of does.”
G… : “That’s gross!”
Yip, that pretty much sums up hamburger.

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gnightgirl said...

Reminds me of the Calvin & Hobbes cartoon where Mom's serving them stuffed peppers, and calling them stewed monkey heads.