Monday, October 03, 2005

Rough Mornings.....

First post in almost a month. I had a rough morning. Mondays and Wednesdays are rough since moving to the country. I have 3, count them 3 trips into town. First, I take the big boys to school at 8AM and then come back home. Second, I take little boy in for speech and preschool and then I come back home. Third, I come in to town to pick up all four of them from school. It sucks, I feel like Mom Taxi, at your service.

This AM, I say, sure go outside and play before school. It hasn't rained all week surely the mud is more like dirt today. WRONG!!! I rush outside to take them to school only to discover that the two oldest boys have mud caked shoes. So bad that I have to make mine change his shoes. And I am pissed! Did you not notice the mud P.....? Sorry, Mom:-( And I find myself throwing a temper tantrum. And feeling horrible after. Now I'm obsessing that because of the "rough morning" the boys are going to have a bad day at school. But deep down I know that they have already shaken it off and are merrily going about there day.

My internal check is going, hmmm? PMS. I haven't been taking my vitamins religiously. Perhaps I should make more of an effort before crazy, raging woman shows her ugly face. I hate PMS. Men think we use it as an excuse. Unless of course they are on the receiving end of crazy, raging woman. Then if they are smart they very carefully ask, Have you been taking your vitamins? NO! GRRR! I need to I know. I will.

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gnightgirl said...

Yayyy, she's back. And adjusting.

I'm with you on the vitamins, I've forgotten to take mine for a whole year, since I started my life again. I just read that dry chapped lips could be a sign of lack of B6, and hence have also been contemplating filling the daily vitamin thingy and taking care of myself again.

It's easy to forget!