Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Kids Sports.........

What makes parents at sporting events scream and holler like they are the coaches? Or like crazed lunatics. Last night at the soccer game, some "Dad" is screaming at these kids. It's like sidelines "road rage". I'm thinking, this is not a school game it's through the Lion's Club for goodness sake. These kids are supposed to be playing for fun. And yet he's relentless. Fortunately there was no cursing. But it seemed like one or two more bad plays by his team and I would have had to get up and mention to him that there were preschoolers there. Let them be kids, let them have fun. Why put so much pressure on them to WIN, why not just let them play the game and do there best and play for the joy of playing. Can you tell I don't like competion?

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