Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Welcome To My Garden 2009 Part 1

Dwarf Iris', Shasta Daisy "Snowcap" and behind the sign Siberian Iris'.

Yellow Rose Bushes
started with five to six small starts two years ago.

Beautiful Rose Blossoms

Hmmm, well I thought this was Lamb's Ear growing wild along the edge of the trees. After transplanting it to my flower bed and seeing other lamb's ear around I'm not so sure. Could it be Lamb's Ear Giganticus? lol

This is all reseeded cilantro from a plant I bought last year! Yum, Pico De Gallo!

A lovely gift from a Sis-n-law. A tea cup bird bath.

How gorgeous is this, a ball of blooms on my snowball bush.

Sedum, ground cover-Dragon's Blood?

This is Lemon Balm and every spring and every fall I rip it out with a vengeance and it just. keeps. coming!

One of my fav decorations. Rooster jumping rope. I picked this up at a Big Lots! one year. Every year I go back looking for some more uniqueness only to be disappointed.

Second all time fav, Hula hoopin frog.

First Iris bloom of the 2009 season

Dianthus, this was a dead looking plant at church that I brought home, stuck in the ground and watered. Lovely.

Dianthus bloom

I love daisies, they're so friendly, dontcha think that daisies are the friendliest flower. (name that movie!)

Mouse Ear Coreopsis bloom

Flowering Chives, mmmm.

Alum Blooms


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Lovely garden, Mim. You guys have done a lot of work. It all pays off when you see all those sunny blooms, doesn't it? I love giant aliums!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! You guys really are a few weeks ahead of us!

Mim said...

Danni: Thanks, Yes it sure does. This is year three I think and boy my beds sure do show it!

Ang: Thank you. Yes, but just think soon that will be you!

Naisy said...

The movie quote.....

Fried Green Tomatoes


the Princess Bride????

Mim said...

Nee: Nope, try again. It's from one of my fav movies!

shy_smiley said...

I miss the ease of maintaining a garden in Illinois soil. Here in AZ if you miss a day of watering your plants are doomed.