Friday, May 15, 2009

A Country Livin' Surprise

This is a spring job our boys "love" to get called on to do, cleaning out the window well. It was G's turn and he was less than thrilled but he went on down there to dig out all the nasty leaves and the toads and the frogs that get down in there.

See he's headin down, no problem.
Then, Oh my goodness what is that? After much discussion he decided to go get his big brother for assistance.

Big brother climbed in and got a box and a rake to pull this guy or girl or whatever out. Can you see it? Here's a better look.

Those are some big ol pinchers on that thing.

Here it is up close and personal. It's huge!

Ha! not really, but it looked really big and scary to G.

This picture is pretty normal around here. P is sitting all calm and G is moving so he's blurry. Hold. Still. For. Just. One. Picture. Please!

This is the crawdaddy rescuer headin out to move Mr. or Mrs. Crawdaddy to a safe location. Well, unless a raccoon finds him or her tonight.


Naisy said...


THAT beats anything we ever found in a window well!!

The boys look SO big!

Mim said...

They are big, you're missing it all living so far away!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what I'm more surprised about...the size of the crawdad or the size of your boys!!! They're adorable by the way! :)

sugarcreekstuff said...

Great pics! You could eat that giant thing ya know, instead of seafood, it could be called window well food.

Mim said...

Ang: I know! They just keep growing. Time for some bricks on their heads. lol Thanks, I think so too.

Michelle: Thanks! Yeah, we talked about that but both boys were a little grossed out by it. LOL Mmmmm, window well food. Just doesn't have the same ring to it as fresh seafood.

warren said...

You have 2 potential side businesses there I for crawdad removal and one for crawdad farming. It seems like you got potential all over the place there!

shy_smiley said...

Your boys are so danged cute I don't even see the crawdaddy. How old are they?

Mim said...

Warren: Ahh, the burden of potential. LOL I think if they keep finding them we might just have to cook some up. ;0)

Shy: Thanks! P is 12 (13 in October) and G is 8 (9 in February)