Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Big Scary Snappin' Turtle

I looked out the kitchen window last night and noticed we had a visitor.

This fella (or maybe Filly) was pretty good sized.

At this point I'm thinking just how fast can a snappin turtle move?

That's a big ol tail.

The token boy with a snappin turtle shot.

Here's the best part though. We caught him and left him in here for C to see when he got home. Three hours later, C walks in the door and says where's the turtle. It got out and somehow did not turn that big tote over. Crazy!


warren said...

Awesome find! We used to see them a lot in TN but haven't seen any here. They look so prehistoric to me!

Mim said...

Warren: I've seen them much smaller around here but this one just totally surprised us. We saw one about this size yesterday morning on the road. A couple had stopped and were capturing it, I think for dinner, YUCK!

frugalmom said...

I wonder how old that thing is? Clearly still agile enough to pole vault himself outta that bucket.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ok, really? That tail didn't even look real! I can't imagine finding one of these things walking through my yard.
So, he got out. Where do you suppose he is now? :-)
I'd be careful opening any doors, or reaching into places without looking first, if I were you.... heh

Gail said...

The Alligator Snapping Turtle is an endangered species. They do bite and get very large! We caught one many years ago that removed a V from a boat paddle and when finally captured, filled the bed of a truck, fender well to fender well. With a lariat rope around his neck, he could carry a full grown man as he walked.

I regret, which I did not think of at the time, was that we did not take him to the zoo.

Mim said...

Marc: We were wondering the same thing. And I totally just imagined a scene from kung fu panda.

Danni: Seriously it was real. It snapped at me! We think it tipped the tub just enough to get out and then kicked it on the way out setting it upright again. We saw it again today. It was dead set on getting on that dirt hill in our front yard. Up and over and then on it's way to the woods. We wondered if it was trying to find a spot to lay eggs?

Gail: Wow, that's a big one. I hope it didn't take a bite out of anything or anyone else.

Bookworm Jor said...

wow look at that tail that is one big tale!!!

Mim said...

Jor: So, what are you saying that I'm makin it up? Just kidding!