Friday, May 29, 2009

The Mohawk

G loves to get a summer hair cut. Shave it down Mom, as short as you can. But before that he sports a mohawk for a couple of weeks. This year we let him have it early because he had been growing his hair out for it.

Here he is pre-haircut. He's on the right.

And this is after.

You gotta have a little color for the Memorial Day Parade.

Here's the funniest part about that day. After the parade the In-laws took him to the nursing home to visit and show off his mohawk. Several of the residents commented that he was a scout so he must be a really nice boy. Here he is lookin all punk rock but because he's a scout they totally overlooked the hair.

Rockin it!


Anonymous said...

Hahhaha, I love that!! "He MUST be a nice boy because he's a scout" Crack me up!! I know he's a nice boy...because he's yours! :)

cinnamongirl93 said...

Wow! What a mohawk! So colorful.
I hope you got my seeds!

Gail said...

Good job!

Mim said...

Ang: I know, right.

Barb: I did and they have sprouted!

Gail: Thanks!