Friday, August 08, 2008

They just make my heart happy!

So, Day 3 has been good. I'm feeling a little more relaxed and the chicks are doing well. It's so funny to watch them. They run frantically whenever you loom over the brooder but come running when I put my hand down in with food in it. They hop right up in my hand and eat away. Everyone that is except for Rooster. He is not having it. He is on guard. Is it possible that he's already playing his role? Yesterday we had him out then put him back and took a chick. He sure raised a ruckus. How did he know or was it just a coincidence? I stand or sit and just watch them and am purely amazed that they are here, that I finally have them after wishing and wanting for two years. After pick, pick, picking at my DH. I can't wait to see them grow.

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