Thursday, August 07, 2008

Peep Peep Peep

Day 2 of chicks is going fine. Finally found a chick waterer this AM! Had to wipe a butt! It's all going well except it seems difficult to keep a constant temp. So, I closed off all the air vents near the laundry room and in it. Hopefully that helps. Also, G and I started painting the coop. It looks great, so far.


Anonymous said...

I always use the chicks as a temp guide. If they're all huddled together under the light, the're too cold and the lamp needs to be lowered. If they're all at the edges of the brooder, they're too hot and the light needs to be raised. If they're all happily spead out, here and there and going about their chicky-business they're happy and the temp is fine. Keep an eye out for those pasty butts. It can be a quick killer. We did a morning and evening check for every peeper everyday for the first week and once a day for the second week. Afte that, it is rarely an issue.

Mim said...

farm mom:Thanks! I think we finally have the temp figured out. I called in my engineer, i.e. my DH. LOL It seems like it's just the same Lil Miss Poopy Pants. The rest seem to have it under control so far.