Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Surprise or not

I mentioned a project I would be working on a few posts back. Here is the finished product.

After talking to frugalmom, I'm quite sure lil G will not be surprised as it seems he's mentioned several times that I'm knitting him a turtle. But I'm sure he will be pleased anyway, now his mother may not be as pleased. Getting that lil turtle out of his shell and into his other costumes is a bit finicky. But well worth the hours of playtime in my humble opinion.

Sheldon in progress(this is the pattern name, it is my understanding he will be called Franklin)

Naked Turtle!

Finished turtle in the sun.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Aw, my kids always loved the Franklin books when they were small, too. G. will love this, Mim - he's adorable (G. *and* your turtle!)
So, you're going to knit him clothes, too?

Mim said...

Danni: Mine too, especially my G he was all about Franklin. I would have to agree they are both adorable. I'm knitting costumes: a bat, a lion, a sheep, maybe a Bee, a superhero, a beach bum. I think that's it. Here's a couple of links to the costumes:

frugalmom said...

A bat. You just had to do the bat.

He turned out really nicely, I think. Altho, I havent been able to see him in real life yet...hes top secret. G is gonna love him.

Gail said...

This is so cute!!! I wish I could do that.

Gail said...
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Miss said...

His tail...I wanna see his tail!!! LOL

Mim said...

Marc: Of course, the bat is too cute. You'll see him Thursday. Hold your horses

Gail: Thank you, It's just knittin and purlin.

Miss: You saw his tail already! I don't think he actually had a tail yet in those pictures.

Miss said...

Oh okay then - but he does have the cutest little tail!!!

The bat ... what frugalmom will be with all the costume changes, BATTY! ;-P