Saturday, March 28, 2009

Seed Swap Excitement

How excited do you think I was when I opened my mail box and saw this big fat envelope?

To be honest at first I thought it was yarn, because that would just be super great if someone sent me a big bag of yarn(FYI, I prefer natural fibers. ;0p). But then I realized it was from the seed swap Howling Hill started. And I was just as excited about the seeds as I was when I thought it was yarn(are you getting the idea that I have a thing for yarn?) I signed up last year but the seeds never made it to me. This year though everybody was able to take and give and send it on and now it's my turn.

Jenna Z. over at Corgipants sent them to me, funny thing I forgot to mention to Jenna Z. I use to live in her neck of the woods. Kind of ironic isn't it.

I chose these veggies and flowers:

Watermelon-Moon & Stars, Chelsea and Sugar Babies
Squash-Gold Nugget
White Tipped Scarlet Radish
Eggplant-Long Purple
Sweet Fennel
Pumpkin- Rouge d'etamps and Blue Moon
Peppers-Pretty In Purple
White Cleome
Swamp Milkweed
False Indigo
Larkspur (Pink)
Yellow 4 O'Clocks

And I put these seeds in:

Tomatoes-Black Krim and Amish Paste
Parisian Pickling Cucumber
Heat Tolerant Lettuce
NuMex Big Jim Chili Peppers
Green Culinary Sage
Grandma Eink's Dill
Tall Blue Larkspur
Bee Balm
Gian Imperial Larkspur
Black Hollyhocks
Sunflowers-dwarf mix
Red Columbine
Giant White Moonflower
Cabbage Leaf Poppies
Rose of Sharon

I'm mailing them off to Melissa @ Melissa's Ramblings.


Gail said...

Seed swapping is so much fun! That is the way I met one of my best friends.

farm mom said...

Fun stuff huh? Got anything started yet?

Matriarchy said...

Yay - I think you took some seeds I put in. I love the swap. (And I left your page open, because I like your Playlist.)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh, I know this excitement! Seeds...sigh. All the possibility!

cinnamongirl93 said...

I got the Portimarron seeds! E-mail me with your addy so I can send some you way!

Mim said...

Gail: It is a lot of fun.

Ang: Yes, I have lots started now!

Matriarchy: Thanks for stopping by. I just love the seed swaps. And thanks, I like all kinds of music.

Danni: My Aunt Ruth's finally popped up today!!!

Barb: I can't wait to plant them!! Thanks again!