Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm good at finding things

I'm known around these here parts as "the finder". Lost something, call Mim, within a short period of time I will find what is missing. I'm an observant person. I notice things, little things that other people may overlook. So, when I read this, I bout peed my pants laughing. I live with three males, most of the time they can't find anything.

Now I know why, it's my uterus!


sugarcreekstuff said...

That is hysterical! It's so true.

I had big time brain fog after each baby and was no use in helping find things. It's funny how many cuss words come out while a man is trying to look for a lost item.

warren said...

You know...I think the uterus gives you ladies all sorts of magical powers...I am sort of envious! I do like being able to pee standing up though...so I'll keep things as they are!

Mim said...

Michelle: I lost all sorts of stuff while I was pregnant! LOL

Warren: Hey, we can pee standing up too, sort of. ;0)