Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's A Big Scary World Out There!

The chickens got to go outside today because this finally was finished. What you can't see it, darn camo! It's our chicken tractor and hopefully this will allow my lovely flock to "free range" in safety.

What in the world does she expect us to do? I am not going out first, who knows what's waiting for us out there!

Oh, move out of my way! I'll go first. K, I don't see anything out here that wants to eat me. Come on out girls I think it's safe.

Hey, everyone there's food out here!

Mmmm, yummy! Tomatoes and feed. Oh my, look at all this glorious green stuff and dirt! Are we in heaven?

We are in Heaven!

Look at us! Hey, where's everyone else?

Hey girls, what's going on? We're too scared to go outside. Well, you don't know what your missing. Maybe we'll go out later. I don't know, you all look like a bunch of scaredy cats to me. CATS! Are you crazy woman, we are not going out there with cats! Silly chickens.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow, mim...it looks wonderful! Love the camo on top, lol...that's certain to convince all flying predators that, nope, there are no chickens there! :-)
Are you going to move that thing every day?

Stephanie said...

They are some lucky chickens! What a great idea. :)

(I liked the baby monitor, too.)

cinnamongirl93 said...

Your chicken tractor is awesome! Did you build it? When I had chickens I wanted to get one of these cool pens. Your chickens will be old pros by the end of the week. In the morning they will be waiting to go outside.

Anonymous said...

Oh, mim! It's awesome! I have some very jealous chickens here who want a sleepover!! Great job guys!! :)

Mim said...

Danni: Thanks! I am going to try and move it everyday once I convince all the chickens to get in it! So far only about six will venture in. LOL

Steph: Thank you. Not my idea though found the tractor idea in all my chicken reading.

Barbara: It is awesome! My hubs and boys built it. Some of the girls are still scared to go out. Hopefully soon.

Angie: Don't be jealous just build your own. ;0) Thanks!