Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Update on library book.....

Parker's teacher looked the book over today and noticed it was marked 9.0 as a 9th grade level book. He's only supposed to pick ones marked 7.4 and under. So, he has decided that he probably shouldn't read it. But who's to say he couldn't pick one up marked 7.4 and it have iffy content. The Teacher apologized saying the librarian is usually on top of these things but must have missed this one. OOPS!

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The Mominator said...

I feel you pain! Last year, Glenn brought home a book with cuss words in it. We had no more than hit the driveway and I turned around and drove back to the school and presented it to the principal. I voiced my opinion strongly as this was a 6.?? book NOT a 3rd grade book. Needless to say, he felt as though GD and SOB were not appropriate even for 6.? level!!
Good job in standing your ground. Parker is a brilliant kid and you as his mother know what is best for him - even if it aggravates him that you may question his judgement from time to time! Glad my guys are into bugs, snakes, birds, etc!!!