Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Last night it came up what library book he had picked at school. He usually doesn't bring these books home. He reads them at school. But he mentioned it because he had been asking us some questions concerning WWI and WWII. We had watched the movie "Valiant". So, our nine year old son had picked a book on POW's. Chris and I both had red flags go up. We are very protective parents, some say over protective. We talked to him about our concerns and he assured us he was old enough and mature enough for a book like this. We suggested he bring the book home so we could look at it and decide if he should be reading it. He got a little upset. I guess we, according to him, should trust him in knowing if it's okay or not. So, now he's bringing the book home. Chris went ahead and called his teacher last night. She didn't seemed too concerned but did admit that because of his reading level he has access to books that might not be right for his maturity level. She said she would look at it and make sure he brought it home with him.

So, my question is... When is it okay to let him see and read this kind of stuff? Is there ever a right time to enlighten ones child to torture and evil?

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gnightgirl said...

I meant to ponder on this before posting...My son always extremely interested in history when he was young. Unfortunate timing, a friend gave him several WWII books at the time Columbine occurred. I got called to the junior high school, when he took them for homeroom reading material. What to do? Deny my child ACTUAL WORLD HISTORY because the nation is freaking out over gun control?

He was a few years older than yours is now, I know. Still, was a dilemma. We rolled with societal demands.