Wednesday, March 22, 2006

So, this AM I called the Dr. office to tell them how I had reacted to a RX for possible arthritis and oh by the way I've had a headache for 10 days. After further questioning I was told to go to the ER .....right away! The nurse said and I quote, "you are showing signs of a bleed and need to have an MRI done ASAP".

Now here's the thing, recently someone I know had a cousin, who while on the phone with her, suffered a brain aneurysm and died. So, I've been flirting with the fear of this for a month or so already. I get off the phone from the nurse and I seriously didn't know what to do for a minute. Then I picked up the phone called Chris and started doing what needed to be done.

So, yada, yada, yada I had a CAT Scan and everything looks clear. I have to see my Doc in a week and I guess then if I still have this headache he may order the MRI.


gnightgirl said...

Signs of a bleed? A broken blood vessel? I would have had a heart attack! I'm glad you're OK!

(which med for arthritis? I think it's beginning to attack me too!)

edina monsoon said...

WOW. You're pretty calm about it.Must be a relief when you got the result of the CT scan. Kudos to you for being so brave. And I hope you wouldn't have to go through an MRI