Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Great Hunters *warning pictures of a dead deer

My guys have been talking about deer hunting all year. P turned twelve this year and I guess with all the testosterone swimming in his veins he really wanted to hunt. So, they have been scouting for weeks on our property. They set up a blind and would go down in the wee hours of the AM and sit and freeze and watch for deer. Most days they would come up and say they saw a couple. I would say, Oh yeah, well I saw four or six or eight right out the kitchen window depending on the day. Soooo, off to the local farm store and ninety bucks later, we have a deer stand in our front yard. Yes, you read that right, FRONT YARD. Our property sits off the road and is surrounded by trees. You can't see our house from the road. We are pretty secluded.

Friday morning they were up dark and early and out to the the stand they went. At about seven AM I was helping G get ready for school and we were keeping an eye on the hunters from the dining room and kitchen windows. G had walked away for a minute and I walked to the sink to do something looked up and saw a Mama doe and a yearling, called G in to have a look and about then, BANG! P had shot at a felted buck or possibly a Duck (doe with antlers) and missed. Then the deer ran of course. But the shot flushed out another group of them from the west and DH shot the buck you see in the pics.

Talk about one excited and yet at the same time disappointed boy. It was his first time and he rushed the shot. Now he knows for next time. He was right in there with his Dad though, my soft hearted boy helped field dress, skin and butcher that deer without blinking.

G was so happy that it happened before he got on the bus. DH was happy it happened the first day, he hates the cold and P was wishing we had more than one deer permit. Maybe next year.

Two happy guys!

How did this boy turn into a young man?

A few more years G and it's your turn.


cinnamongirl93 said...

Congrad's to your men!!!! I'm sure they were so excited! Now you will have some great meat in the freezer.

sugarcreekstuff said...

Congrats! We still haven't had luck this year, but got 2 halves from lucky hunters with full freezers. I ground up the meat just this morning.

Miss said...

Congrats, guys! So, do they get to mount that in the upstairs living room or are you going to make them decorate the basement? :-) J & G are chomping at the bit to go with Pa again, I don't think he's quite so anxious!

Can't wait to share your 'kill' pics with my men. They were excited for P & C. Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the men of mim-land!! :) Is your freezer full?

Mim said...

Barb: Thanks! I do have quite a bit of venison that I need to learn how to cook.

sugarcreekstuff: Well, at least you got some, if you have recipes you use that are hits could you send them to me? Cause this is all new for me.

Miss: Ha, ha, rofl you are so funny! Pretty sure you know the answer to that question. ;0)

Ang: We actually plugged in the second deep freeze. I'm pretty sure it will be the "meat" freezer now.