Tuesday, June 03, 2008

No turning back now

This is our youngest with a new to us piece of furniture. My Aunt gifted us a piano. She knows the desire that was already there for me is intensified by this instrument setting in my family room. So, she's soon to get at least one new to her student in exchange. The boy decided to pull his recliner up to the piano since there's no stool. I believe he's interested as well in learning how to play. I'm just not sure if he will actually want to put in the time to practice, etc.


prov31wannabe said...

We have the piano that I learned on when I was a child. My mom got it for $20 at a yard sale and then sunk $500 into it for retuning and new ivories. My dad refinished all the wood. My grandpa bought us a stool, I think it cost $500, too? (no, that can't be) I couldn't believe it when she said I could have it for my 30th b/d, when we had moved into this house, hopefully the last move of our marriage (wouldn't want to be moving that piano around and around). I don't play a lot or well, but I like it, and I like looking at it. It's a dark wood and all the dust shows. I told myself one goal this summer would be to play more this summer. Two weeks into it, and I haven't plinked one note. Oh well.

CanCan said...

Nice gift!

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I hope you can come!

Mim said...

cancan: thanks!