Saturday, June 21, 2008

Llama Love

Recently my friend Frugalmom mentioned she's got some llama love. Soooo, today I got to experience some llama's up close and personal. They were definitely more calm then the alpacas. And they for sure let you know when you are making them uncomfortable. I think I'm going to have to take our boys for a visit soon. They also had a few other animals: Silky chickens, a Guinea pig, a french lop rabbit to name a few.

They had demonstrations on spinning, dying, wet felting and needle felting the llama fibers. Way fun!
This is Sunny, a male llama, he was the friendliest. I think being a little older he was more used to people. He's for sale if you are interested. $500, I think.
They let us watch them shear Sunny. He was pretty cooperative, he seemed a little ticklish in some spots. LOL

This is Astra, she's saying I'm not sure about you, leave me alone!
If you're interested she's also for sale. $350

This is also Astra, she's saying I'm thinking you might be alright!
This is a young alpaca, there were three of them in the pen, this one was the friendliest and you still pretty much couldn't touch her with
out her making a warning noise. BTW, I say she but I really didn't notice the gender.


frugalmom said...

Wow! You got to see several, huh? We went back to the farm today andn I got to visit with Thumbelina and Izzy. They were out of the pasture today and just hanging out in the fron yard on a lead. That was super cool. They were still really friendly. I got to talk to both owners today and she gave us some tips on how to approach Izzy a little differently. It did work. J had a great time. Izzy actually really liked him. They are getting sheared Monday night. She said I could come and watch!!

THE ROOST said...

They are beautiful animals!

Mim said...

frugalmom:Hopefully we can check them out on a day when it's just us. I think they would be more friendly then.

Mim said...

the roost: They are very special that's for sure.

Twinville said...

Beautiful llamas and very low prices, too. I have two of my own and just love them so much.
My male gelding only cost $400, but my female was $1,000. They are both registered and have won ribbons and been entered in shows, but my female is very conformationally correct and she is a wonderful PR llama, too. She is curious, friendly and loves attention. I trained her to pack recently and am working on my male llama. He's more nervous and cautious, but that's probably because he was used as an alpaca guard llama for the two years before he came here.

We use him to guard our goats and sheep. He does an excellent job and even herds the goats and sheep into the barn at night.

Mim said...

twinville: They were pretty friendly I think they would be even more on a not so busy day.