Tuesday, February 05, 2008


That's what I've been concentrating on lately. Not actually putting it into practice, so much as, figuring out how to do it. My counselor and I have been discussing it. It's what she suspicions is behind the depression. So, my homework was to make a list of ten things that I could do, that would be "self-care" for me. It was hard for me to come up with ten things but I did and here it is.

1. Exercise- I know that I feel so much better when I get into a routine of this-I just need to do it

2. Read a book- Sounds simple, right? But for me just taking that time for myself is hard

3. Take a knitting class- this is tough because I have to go out of town to take one and I have to come up with the money to take it

4. Piano Lessons- this one I really want, because it is absolutely just for me. So, we are trying to figure out if we can swing it within our budget

5. Manicure/Pedicure- I've not actually had either before but it seems very indulgent to me
6. Massages- I love these

7. Raise Chickens-This one is tough on two levels, first I have to get everyone on board with me, i.e. Husband. Second it costs money!

8. Crafting- I love to craft-knitting, stamping, making cards, sewing, beading. Love, love, love it.

9. Knitting for me-I hesitate to knit things for myself. I tend to knit for others

10. Buy fresh flowers regularly-Especially in the winter months

The hardest part of this is that I'm supposed to do these things even when I feel like I'm not doing my stuff around the house. So, what do you do for Self-care? And how do you feel about doing those things if you aren't fulfilling your other responsibilities?


shy_smiley said...

Self-care is terribly difficult, especially when you have deeply engrained patterns of caring for everybody else. Many of the things I do for myself are on your list. For me, I have to get up before 5:00 am to secure a few hours of time for myself, time I spend exercising, blogging, reading, knitting, crafting... without the time for myself I go mad, and no medication would help with that. Wishing you the best on your path... it'll seem dark sometimes, but just keep walking!

Mim said...

shy: Fortunetly for me I don't have to do that 5AM thing. Ugh. Thanks for your encouragement.

frugalmom said...

Hard, hard, hard. I guess I sorta sit on the side of the fence where I feel like self care and fulfilling responsibilities go hand in hand. Like, I feel like if I do things for me then I am more motivated or driven to do my house duties or whatever. When I feel better about myself I in turn just feel better and that shows in my attitude and work stuff. Then things just run more smoothly. The past few nights things have been kinda hairy around here so when dinner is all done and the kids are helping clean up...I tell Shawn that I am gonna get in the tub. And I just relax in there, sometimes I will read. Sometimes not. It really helps to concentrate on me, even for just a little bit.

Mim said...

frugal: that's what the counselor says. That if I will just do the self-care than I will come full circle and want to do the other things. I sure hope so, because I feel very selfish doing that stuff for me. She says that will go away. I'm afraid it will and then I will be just a big selfish person. LOL

frugalmom said...

Dont worry. I will tell you if that happens!

Sandy said...

Run 5x wk, cook, play the piano (in evenings), have dinner parties, read early in am ... just a few!
Great post!

Mim said...

Sandy: Thanks for stopping by. Entertaining would not be self care for me. LOL I get so stressed when people come to visit.

jody said...

Garden, garden , garden, chickens, chickens, flowers, landscape,yourself(take on something simple/small @ first w/out Chris' manpower. you do it. you'll be a little sore; but, you'll feel the satisfaction, that you did it...that reminds me, we gotta paint those birdhouses! Is there enough, for all 8 of them? back to subject: don't forget about just 'letting be', too!