Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Aahh, I can breath again

Thank the Lord I am feeling much, much better. I feel like myself again. That dark cloud seems to have vanished. After so long of it being here I kind of catch myself looking for it. But I feel free now. I can tell everyday things are better. Just little things I catch myself doing that I haven't done for so long. So, for me meds aren't the answer. At least not this time. Counseling instead. I'm a talker, go figure. So, maybe now I'll be more active posting? Maybe.......maybe not. LOL


shy_smiley said...

Like you said, meds aren't always the answer. I'm glad you've found someone trustworthy and dependable you can talk to, and that it's helped you feel better. Breathe!

Mim said...

Shy: Thanks! And yes I have to remember to Breathe!