Tuesday, August 28, 2007

House Guests?

My boys have spent the last several weeks catching, playing with and then releasing lizards. They have now somehow convinced us to allow them to keep some in an aquarium in the house. I'm still not sure why I caved on this one. I just made it very clear that if they got out that would be it. No more lizards in the house. The scary part is they are pretty sure they have a male and a female. I'm hoping there's no lizard lovin' goin' on after midnight. They have named them Elvis and Priscilla.


Miss said...

I'm thanking the Lord right now that Jess & Glenn don't read your blog!!! Jess in particular has been wanting a reptile for quite some time and it's just not gonna happen. I have no aversion to them, it's the fact that it would end up being my pet, not his!!! Tell the boys to enjoy their new-found friends. I hope that you don't end up with a litter!! ;-)

Mim said...

I could send you a pic in your e-mail so they could see them. Or invite you over for catch your own lizard day! LOL

Miss said...

Ahhhhh the temptation of it all!!! LOL I'll trade you, however, a lizard or two for a slightly used yellow lab with some serious teething issues!!! ;-)