Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Do you think he's smitten?


Miss said...

GORGEOUS! She is beautiful and Ty SHOULD be smitten - Lord help the first boy that attempts to date her! ;-) Congratulations again to all of them ... and you!

Mim said...

Thanks Miss. I'm just as smitten I think. ;0)

Stephanie said...

Oh yes, he's smitten and will be forever. :) Congrats again, she is so tiny and perfect.

naisy said...

I can't believe it.... a baby girl for Ty. (Would it kill him to smile and look a little happy?) I am sure he will be a big softy.

And the name.... is beautiful, as she is as well... Congrats to all!!

Different to be buying girl stuff, eh, Mim? Don't go too crazy!

Love ya!