Thursday, January 05, 2006


The plane ride

Gabe is a little nervous.

Parker is ready!

First stop--Legoland!

We are here!

What a sense of humor!

This is one happy boy!

Next stop Monterey Bay.....


The Aquarium

Beautiful Jellies!


San Francisco

The boys wanted their picture taken by the "lighthouse" light.

This sign cracked me up, it says "hill". In SF that seems somewhat redundant to me.

Happy New Year!

Waiting for the ball to drop!



gnightgirl said...

Legoland looks fun, but I want to go to that Monterey Bay! Looks like a fun vacation!

shy_smiley said...

We went to Legoland in August and stayed in nearby Encinatas on Moonlight Beach, which was fascinating. Nice public beach, but at certain times of the year, when conditions are just right (high algae levels in the water, full moon), at night the whitecaps on the waves coming in phosphoresce a neon green. So cool! On our trip we didn't do anything but 1 day at Legoland. My sister and her family lived in Northern CA for five years; they visited SF and Monterey Bay Aquarium frequently. My 5-yr-old nephew still talks about going to the aquarium. I've never been there, but Dave and I went to Scripps on our honeymoon. I love aquariums! Looks like you and yours had a good time.

(sidenote: there's an organization lobbying to establish an aquarium in the middle of the desert. I don't get it.)

Mim said...

We lived in Hollister, CA from January 2000 to May 2001. We loved it. The Aquarium is awesome! If you find yourself out there and close to Monterey, you should go. The boys loved Legoland, of course. We stayed in Oceanside. Hmmm, an aquarium in Tucson, seems kind of like.... A fish out of water!ROFLMAO