Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rooster June 2009

What're you lookin at?

Ummm, these are starting to worry me a little.

Cock of the walk.

On Alert.

Rooster n his girls

Struttin it.

Watch out!
That's right, I'm all that.


Anonymous said...

Love it!! He really IS all that, too...

dina said...

Oh dear... a few of my baby chicks are starting to look more and more rooster-ish... I have a feeling this is where we're heading.

I hate that - we are in an urban setting, and one of our neighbors WILL NOT tolerante a rooster. (We know - we tried! :()

You gotta admit - he is beautiful, your roo!

sewtakeahike said...

He's so cute! But I guess it wouldn't be the best idea to try and cuddle with him!

Mim said...

Ang: He sure was. :'(

dina: thanks for stopping by. We lost him since this post and I will miss him.

sewtakeahike: thanks for visiting. No he wasn't really a cuddler.