Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Big Box

What a gorgeous day. No rain until around 7pm. So, this happened.


frugalmom said...

Lookin good!

Mim said...

Thanks, frugalmom. I can't hardly believe it is actually happening.

Bookworm Jor said...

The coop is looking good can't wait to see the inside... oh and the chickens.

shy_smiley said...

So jealous! Our homeowners' association prohibits livestock, but if it didn't, I'd have chickens and goats, possibly a pig. I can't wait to see how this adventure pans out.

Mim said...

Jor: I'm lookin' forward to the chicknens too.

shy_smiley: Well, we bought 20 acres. We have no rules! Except the ones we make.

Gardenanny said...

Looks good! Just the beginning, huh, Sis? Gardenanny/MOM

Twinville said...

Great job! I love how you guys were able to just flip up the walls, almost like putting together legos or something! hehe

Looks so great!
Are you planning on painting it, too?

It took us MONTHS to build our hen house and coop, so we ended up with garage chickens until they were 3 months old. Talk about a mess!
But we chose to get our girls in the Fall so we'd have eggs in the Spring, and then the weather didn't cooperate (snow, wind and cold) and hubby ony had weekends to work on it.

I still remember holding wood for him while our fingers were numb from the freezing wind. agh!

Now we want to water-proof and paint it, but the winds are cold evenings are holding us back yet again!

Can't wait to read more updates about your chicken adventures.

Mim said...

gardenanny: Yes, Ma'am I think it is just the beginning. ;0)

twinville: Well, I have a secret weapon, my husband is an engineer! He got all most all the lumber from work. It was what a machine was shipped in. They would have just broken it all down and put it in a landfill probably. He originally got it to build a little cabin in our woods for our boys(including him, I think) to sleep in. But hadn't done any of that yet soooo, some of it was donated to the chicken coop build. It's still sitting w/o a roof, maybe this weekend if there's no rain. We are going to paint it. Our youngest wants to paint it red. I haven't decided yet. I was thinking of trying to make it match our house but it's a light color. I'm thinking red may be the right color for it.