Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Burns my butt!

Hi, My name is Mim and I'm a resaler. I've been resaling for about 10 years. I am fortunate enough to live in an area that is saturated with resale shops. Pretty amazing considering that these many resale shops reside in a town under 15,000 in population. But here's the problem with resale shops, if you put stuff in them to sell you can really get screwed. Now this isn't true of all shops. But some shops are not so tidy in there book keeping and so stuff maybe doesn't get recorded like it should and people don't receive there money like they should.

Now one of the shops in my area actually has everything computerized. So, when I first starting taking my stuff there I was making a nice little spending income from selling my stuff. I'll admit that I usually ended up buying stuff at the shop. So, most of the time I would just get a credit towards my purchase. Pretty cool not to have to dig out the checkbook for a purchase. But recently this shop sold and the new owners aren't so great about the book keeping. I'm wondering how tough can it be? It's all computerized!

Anyway, I went in the other day because I had taken an item in a few months back and I knew it had sold within the first couple of weeks of being there but I hadn't received a check for it. So, I asked about my account balance and was told I had a negative balance because I hadn't had anything sell and my yearly fee had come due. So, I was told, Oh it must have sold after it's cut off time. Hmm, really? So, I went on to say that I knew it had sold early on and maybe they should check again. Then after much searching on the computer and hem hawing I was told that "oh, I remember now, it sold but then was returned because it didn't work." Reeeaaallly, because we checked and made sure it was functioning properly before we brought it in. Hmmm, well, I really don't know what to tell you. So, I said " How about I want to close my account thank you very much". I then got the run around that they didn't know how to make the computer delete my account so they couldn't close it out. But I wouldn't be charged the yearly fees that are going to continue to pile up in there.

So, That really burns my butt! It won't keep me from resaling but I will be more careful about where I take my stuff to sell it.


Frugal Mom said... gotta give up the name of the shop. There may be others out there getting ready to take items in there to sell.

Mim said...

I can't do that. Then some Psycho will be able to track me down.

Miss said...

Well, the next time you are here in town, you can check out our new shop that opened. Needs better lighting, but all-in-all it looks as though she's doing a fine job thus far.

Mim said...

Miss: Cool, I'll have to check it out.