Wednesday, February 14, 2007


So, there has been a meme going around for quite awhile and I've been trying to come up with five to six weird things about me that I can post on this blog. So far I've come up with one. One lousy weird thing. I'm thinkin' maybe there is more weirdness but I don't recognize it for what it is. I ask my DH and he couldn't think of anything. What's weird is I couldn't think of anything he does that is weird either. Quite possibly we have just normalized each other's weirdness. So, if you know me and think something I do is weird post a comment and let me know.

1. I hate the feel of cotton balls, it totally gives me the heebie jeebiez to touch cotton balls with any kind of firm pressure. Ugh, I've got chills just thinking about it.

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Gnightgirl said...

Bloglines hasn't been highlighting you, to let me know you've posted! I'm here, I'm here!

And I'm SURE we can think up 5 more weird things about you:

You like ugly shoes, didn't I hear you say that before? You love to wear orange. Not that that's weird, and i don't even know if it's true anymore...or if it was you, wasn't it you?

Ummm....any weird food combinations you love?

No neurotic habits? Irrational fears (don't take that one, I'm doing a blog on that!) Odd routines? Think, THINK, I'm SURE you're weird like us!